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Bug#411625: Kontact getting mail takes too long, using 100% cpu

Package: kontact
Version: 3.5.5.dfsg.1-6

Hi, I'm using kontact to manage 5 pop3 accounts, when I start it and there are 
let us say 20 mails in each account, then getting the mails takes several 
minutes even if the mails are not big, the cpu usage is 100% then and the 
progressbars don't move smooth, i seams as the program blocks and waits and 
then gets 1 email and then again blocks, when you then change the focus to 
another window, and change then back to kontact it seems to be freezed, but 
after a while it gets this 1 or 2 mails and shows up normal again, but then 
blocks as described again.
I'm using Debian testing with 2.6.18 kernel on 2 computers and on each the 
behavior of kontact is the same.


Jacek Zubel

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