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Bug#409810: no clear instructions on starting ksim

On Tuesday 06 February 2007, Federico Grau wrote:
> response.  Unfortunately I don't see an option to start ksim
> frmo the "add new panel" menu (I've logged out/back in to restart kicker, I
> reinstalled ksim).  However I am a little behind on updates and my kicker
> is still version 3.5.4-2+b1.  I'll update later today and give it another
> try.


I have now looked it up a little bit better - and it is only from ksim 3.5.6 
it is available that way.

We are considering making a fix for etch.


Do you know how may I receive the TCP directory?

From Explorer 3.9.2 and from the drawer menu within MkLinux you must digit 
from a floppy disk, in such way you cannot receive a display, so that 
therefore from Excel NT you neither should ever ping a gadget, nor ever have 
to explore the space bar for enabling the RW ethernet GUI.

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