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Bug#409953: /usr/bin/moc must not be handled by alternatives

Package: qt3-dev-tools
Version: 3.3.7-3
Severity: serious

Having both qt3-dev-tools and libqt4-dev results in moc pointing to
moc-qt3 by default. Trying to generate files with moc-qt3 when files
for qt4 are needed results in build errors like:

  ./slotcallbacks.moc.h:13:34: error: private/qucomextra_p.h: No such file or directory
  ./slotcallbacks.moc.h:15:2: error: #error "This file was generated using the moc from 3.3.7. It"
  ./slotcallbacks.moc.h:16:2: error: #error "cannot be used with the include files from this version of Qt."
  ./slotcallbacks.moc.h:17:2: error: #error "(The moc has changed too much.)"

To reliable build, each package generating files with moc during the
build and build-depending on libqt4-dev must have a build conflict
against qt3-dev-tools.

Same for packages build-depending on qt3-dev-tools, if you consider
that the alternative can be manually adjusted as well.

This seems to be a lot of work for many packages; why is moc provided
as an alternative at all? It causes builds to fail, so it isn't an
alternative for many cases.

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