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Bug#404912: problem still exists

Modestas Vainius wrote, On 05/02/07 09:37:
[ Follow up for bugs: #404912, #304801, #409032 ]
[ Printing problems, cupsdoprint error ]


2007 m. February 1 d., Thursday, Jürgen Braun rašė:
Oh, the problem still exists.
After logging off and loggin in again, printing works fine a few times, but
after a few minutes (e.g. 10 minutes) of working (using kmail, akregator,
iceweasel, flock konsole, konqueror and vmware) the problem reappears.
Logging off/on fixes the problem again, but loggin off/on before each print
job is annoying :-)
OK, we have got a few ideas what could be wrong. Once you can reproduce the bug again (you get that error message when printing), please attach output of:

$ ls -l /proc/`pidof kded`/fd/

Do you have knemo installed? If yes, which version? Is it enabled for at least one interface using sysfs backend for polling interface status?

I use knemo with sysfs for examining eth0.

The last time I had this problem, I had just updated cupsys in Debian Unstable and was annoyed that I had to log right out of KDE (I actually rebooted) to get printing from kpdf from working. This seemed to be against the "Debian way" of doing things where one could even update glibc on a running system without rebooting. One should be able to reload the KDE print system without having to restart KDE.

I'll provide

ls -l /proc/`pidof kded`/fd/

next time I have the problem.



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