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Bug#404912: problem still exists

[ Follow up for bugs: #404912, #304801, #409032 ]
[ Printing problems, cupsdoprint error ]


2007 m. February 1 d., Thursday, Jürgen Braun rašė:
> Oh, the problem still exists.
> After logging off and loggin in again, printing works fine a few times, but
> after a few minutes (e.g. 10 minutes) of working (using kmail, akregator,
> iceweasel, flock konsole, konqueror and vmware) the problem reappears.
> Logging off/on fixes the problem again, but loggin off/on before each print
> job is annoying :-)
OK, we have got a few ideas what could be wrong. Once you can reproduce the 
bug again (you get that error message when printing), please attach output 

$ ls -l /proc/`pidof kded`/fd/

Do you have knemo installed? If yes, which version? Is it enabled for at least 
one interface using sysfs backend for polling interface status?

Modestas Vainius <geromanas@mailas.com>

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