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Bug#401861: "RFP: "kde-extras-typical""

Package: kde
Severity: wishlist

KDE users usually use several extragear packages. Unfortunately, these
usually have to be installed independently in addition to kde. I propose
a new package, possibly named kde-extras-typical, to provide extragear
packages typically used.
The role of this package would basically be to improve the kde-desktop
tasksel task. To allow this, since tasksel won't install recommends, the
package should use *dependencies* rather than recommendations. This is
until APT installs recommendations by default, which won't happen before
Etch. So if you want to try doing this for Etch, use dependencies.

This package may also be built from kde-extras.

Here is a list of dependencies I suggest:
k3b (already in kde-desktop)
konversation? (13 MB, alternative to ksirc)
amarok? (33 MB, alternative to juk)
network-manager-kde? (already in kde-desktop. I don't use it, but seems to be only 1 MB)
digikam? (about 24 MB)
kaffeine (kaboodle is a partial alternative)
smb4k? (3 MB + samba dependencies. I use it but no idea how popular it
adept? (about 8 MB, kpackage is an alternative)

Suggested short description:
applications for KDE which are typical for KDE desktops

Suggested description:
This metapackage depends on applications that are not part of the official
KDE, but nevertheless are designed to be used with KDE. Typical KDE users use these applications.

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