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Fwd: Debian support for XDG_MENU_PREFIX under GNOME

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Subject: Debian support for XDG_MENU_PREFIX under GNOME
Date: Monday 04 December 2006 19:59
From: "Bastian, Waldo" <waldo.bastian@intel.com>
To: "Sebastien Bacher" <seb128@debian.org>
Cc: "Kevin Krammer" <kevin.krammer@gmx.at>, "Vincent Untz" <vuntz@gnome.org>, 
debian-gtk-gnome@lists.debian.org, "Banginwar, Rajesh" 


I'm trying to find out what the status is of Debian's support for
 XDG_MENU_PREFIX. In case you have no idea what XDG_MENU_PREFIX is, let me

The XDG Menu Specification specifies the use of an applications.menu file to
 describe the menu layout. This implies a single menu layout regardless of
 desktop environment used. Some distributions (Debian in particular) wanted
 to have different menu layouts dependng on the desktpo environment used, and
 decided to prefix the applications.menu file with either "gnome-" or "kde-".
 Unfortunately this breaks applications that expect an applications.menu file
 to be used (as the specification says it will). To accommodate the need for
 different desktop layouts under different desktop environments, the XDG Menu
 Spec has been updated [1] and the notion of $XDG_MENU_PREFIX has been
 introduced. XDG_MENU_PREFIX indicates the prefix, if any, that is applied in
 front of "applications.menu". So if Debian is using
 "gnome-applications.menu" instead of "applications.menu", it will need to
 export XDG_MENU_PREFIX="gnome-"

That's the straightforward part. The hairy part is that XDG_MENU_PREFIX must
 _NOT_ be applied to the applications-merged directory. The rationale for
 this is that third party applications should be able to install menu
 extension in applications-merged that apply regardless of the desktop
 environment used. So far Debian did/does not follow this part of the
 specification and used/uses "gnome-appplications-merged" and
 "kde-applications-merged" instead of "applications-merged". Kevin Krammer
 recently patched KDE 3.5.x to correct this behavior for KDE under Debian. I
 was wondering whether this problem has been addressed at the GNOME side as

Note that it is the intention of LSB to require XDG Menu Spec compliance for
 LSB 3.2.

[1] http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/menu-spec-1.0.html

Intel Corporation - Channel Platform Solutions Group - Hillsboro, Oregon


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