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Re: kmail crashes pretty often - how can I help debug the cause?

Kevin, thanks for your reply.

On Sunday 03 December 2006 15:55, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Sunday 03 December 2006 15:42, Christoph Haas wrote:
> > If you want I can create yet another bug report on b.d.o but perhaps
> > you give me hints on how I can help you find the actual cause for the
> > crashes. Hope it's okay that I attached all the crash reports. It
> > feels like most of the crashes happen when I mass delete messages
> > through IMAP. There seem to be some minor issues with IMAP mailboxes
> > anyway because if I do certain actions in parallel e.g. kmail forgets
> > to redraw the screen. Say I delete 10 mails and while my request is
> > processed the cursor is on the 11th mail. But even after the first 10
> > mails are deleted the lower right part of the kmail application (the
> > message view) doesn't show the actual mail. I have to manually select
> > another mail in the mail list view and then go back again to have the
> > mail displayed.
> It might help to use disconnected (cached) IMAP instead, in case you
> currently use normal IMAP.

Doesn't that mean I can only access mails that have been fetched and cached 
on my local disk? I can't access the IMAP server then any more, right? Not 
really a solution.

> I have to admit that most of my email traffic is POP3 based, but I am
> using disconnected IMAP for about two years on a low traffic university
> account and it never acted badly.

I'm maintaining a lot of Debian and other mailing list mails through kmail. 
That's pretty high-volume indeed (1000-2000 mails per day). I was 
recommended to install kdepim-dbg and kdelibs-dbg by Sune Vuorela and will 
try that to produce better crash information.


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