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Bug#397073: konsole: not reading ~/.bashrc

On Mon November 13 2006 14:50, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> #first step on unversioned close:
> tag 397073 +wontfix
> thanks
> On Monday 13 November 2006 13:20, Bruce Sass wrote:
> > That makes little sense to me---Konsole is a fancy x-terminal and
> > should be doing the equivalent of "bash -c someprogram" with
> > session programs.
> I guess that this is what konsole does - or sh -c someprogram.

You seem to be doing a lot of guessing...  :-/
which is why I am sending a copy to your Application Manager.

Kurt, please have a look at:

> If you read the bash manpage, it says that bash only read .bashrc
> when invoked interactively.

Since when is a Konsole session not interactive?

> and this is how bash is supposed to work - so this is not a bug
> neither in konsole or in bash.

You are wrong.

> > ...without polluting the environment for all of KDE, or needing to
> > configure the same thing in multiple places. Your solution is also
> > not good if one wanted a different environment for sh, bash, etc.,
> > where the same variable may need to take on different values.
> if you want _konsole_ to read your .bashrc before spawning random
> programs, how should konsole be able to differ it you wanted a
> different environment or not.
> Konsole should not read random configuration files before invoking a
> program - wether the program is zsh, bash or mc or  -  the programs
> should read the configuration files it need itself.

.bashrc is not some random configuration file, and a program should not 
be required to read a shell's profile or runtime configuration files!

> You can however create wrappescripts for your own
> cat << __EOF__ > ~/bin/commandwrapper
> #! /bin/bash
> if [ -e ~/.bashrc ]
> then
> 	. .bashrc
> fi
> /usr/bin/realcommand
> __EOF__
> and then have your session invoking bash ~/bin/commandwrapper

That is not an acceptable solution, it is a hack-around.

I think you should remove the "wontfix" tags and get some help from a 
knowledgeable DD, or send it upstream.

- Bruce

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