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Bug#392052: More info from someone with same problem

On Monday 23 October 2006 19:55, Robert L Mathews wrote:
> I also recently (2006-10-22) did a dist-upgrade and started
> experiencing the same problem described here: nothing in KDE would
> print any more, and I saw the same error when looking at Printers in
> the KDE Control Center:
> "Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS server is
> correctly installed and running. Error: localhost: read failed (15)."
> However, I am using the testing distribution, so my kdeprint is still
> version 3.5.4-2+b1, and kdebase is still 3.5.4-2. On other words,
> kdeprint has not changed for some time on my machine. What *did*
> change on my machine as a result of the dist-upgrade is most of the
> other KDE components (to 3.5.5). So I suspect the problem actually
> lies elsewhere (I don't know where).

Could you please upgrade your kdebase (and therefore kdeprint) to the 
version in Sid/unstable, 3.5.5? Then tell me if the problem persists (I 
guess you'll have to try printing with both Host=localhost and 
Host= Sorry to be a pain, but I want to be certain whether 
or not the problem still exists in 3.5.5, given that the Etch release 
isn't too far off.

Christopher Martin

> In response to the last poster, I looked at my
> "~/.kde/share/config/kdeprintrc" file. It also has not changed in a
> long time, but I started playing with it to see if I could modify it
> to fix the problem. I found that this line in the "[CUPS]" section
> causes it to fail:
>    Host=localhost
> But if I change that line to this, it works(!):
>    Host=
> My machine has /etc/hosts set up correctly for localhost:
>    $ host localhost
>    localhost has address
> So. This seems to indicate that some other KDE component in 3.5.5,
> other than kdeprint, has somehow broken the ability for hostnames to
> be resolved from kdeprintrc.
> Does that makes sense? Not to me. Hope it's useful to someone
> else.... If anyone cares, I can send along my /var/log/dpkg to show
> the exact 383 packages that were upgraded when the problem started.
> --
> Robert L Mathews, Tiger Technologies    http://www.tigertech.net/

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