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Re: Broken dependency of Kcontrol on Librwa1394

On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 06:38:10PM +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Le lun 25 septembre 2006 15:11, michel.favreau@free.fr a écrit :
> > Hi, further to my mail yesterday about the broken dependency of
> > kcontrol on libraw1394-5, please find below a message sent to the
> > libraw1394 maintainer and his answer.

> > Is there a way to improve coordination amongst Debian maintainers and
> > stop this finger-pointing attitude?

> there is no finger pointing going on. kdebase needs a binNMU (a rebuild) 
> to be built against the last version of the libraw1394. A thing that 
> ludovic should have asked for every reverse depends of that library.

> > A user.

> But I'm partly responsible of this because I forgot to ask him to look 
> into this, and I was his sponsor for the libraw1394 package (here 
> speaking with my KDE packager hat on).

> ====

> libraw1394 transition, the following 5 packages still have a Depends 
> upon libraw1397-5:

> Package: gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
> Package: kcontrol
> Package: lynkeos.app
> Package: motion
> Package: wengophone

There are actually quite a number of other packages still having this
dependency, though perhaps not all on the architecture you were looking at.

Anyway, except for kdebase and gst-plugins-good0.10, which were deferred on
account of some other lib transitions, these packages were all scheduled for
binNMUs -- but a lot of them failed for one reason or another.  Those that
could be given back have been given back, leaving only three packages not
being rebuild: lynkeos.app, which needs updated for the (spurious) gnustep
-dev name change; wengophone, which FTBFS with a problem in its install
target; and motion, which FTBFS with bug #389304.

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