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Broken dependency of Kcontrol on Librwa1394

Hi, further to my mail yesterday about the broken dependency of kcontrol on
libraw1394-5, please find below a message sent to the libraw1394 maintainer and
his answer.

Is there a way to improve coordination amongst Debian maintainers and stop this
finger-pointing attitude?

A user.

Well, what I see is that the whole KDE is not installable now on Sid because
> your package name has changed from libraw1394-5 to libraw1394-8. This is not
> a version change, it is a name change. My only question is : have you taken
> all steps to ensure that the developers maintaining packages depending on
> your package have been notified of such a change.
> Regards,
> Michel Favreau

libraw1394-5 was a very old version of the package, and there was no
maintainer for this package since a few years. libraw1394-5
corresponding to a 0.10.1 version, and now the new version is

Between this 2 versions, the soname of the library has changed, and
like it is mentioned in the debian-policy, the package name must change
with the new soname. You can read it in the debian-policy.

All debian maintainer know that. The maintainers of packages that need
a dependency on libraw1394 must change the name of my package in
the dependency of their package, I cannot do it.

If it isn't mentioned to change name, I didn't do it...

All developers that have a dependency on my package with their packages know
that I uploaded a new version.


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