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Re: Broken dependency in kcontrol


see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=389330

It's not only kcontrol with broken dependencies.

On 9/24/06, Michel Favreau <michel.favreau@free.fr> wrote:

I am unable to install KDE in debian Sid because a dependency to
libraw1394-5 is not satisfied. The package has changed its name and is now

See below the exchange on this with libraw1394's maintainer. Strange. Do you
talk sometimes between maintainers?


Michel Favreau

> Hi,




> Upgrading libraw1394-5 to libraw1394-8 in Sid breaks dependencies for

> kcontrol and makes it uninstallable. Can you fix this ? Thanks.




> Michel Favreau



You may ask that to kcontrol's maintainer, it is his job to put a dependency
to the new libraw1394 package. If there is a problem

with my package, I will fix it, but if I understand well your mail, it seems
to be a problem of kcontrol.

If there is really a problem of libraw1394, I need more informations to fix


    .---.      Ludovic RESLINGER


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