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Re: Kexi cannot access PostgreSQL databases anymore, neither in Debian nor in Ubuntu

On Friday, 22 September 2006 13:03, Nicola Larosa wrote:
> This has been going on for a while, and looks rather severe. Some
> coordination between upstream authors and the respective maintainers may
> help.
> Time's almost up for Ubuntu Edgy, due in October, and the forecast for the
> new Debian stable is December.
> The text of the Ubuntu ticket follows.
Hi there! I'm Debian KOffice maintainer, kexi is built now from the KOffice 
source package and it includes everything needed to work with PostgreSQL:
% dpkg -L kexi | grep pqxx

Best regards
Isaac Clerencia at Warp Networks, http://www.warp.es
Work: <isaac@warp.es>   | Debian: <isaac@debian.org>

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