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Kexi cannot access PostgreSQL databases anymore, neither in Debian nor in Ubuntu

This has been going on for a while, and looks rather severe. Some
coordination between upstream authors and the respective maintainers may help.

Time's almost up for Ubuntu Edgy, due in October, and the forecast for the
new Debian stable is December.

The text of the Ubuntu ticket follows.


When trying to connect to a database server, only the MySQL database type
is shown, the PostgreSQL one is not there anymore.

Breezy included a kexi-postgresql-driver package: it is not present in
Dapper, nor in Edgy, anymore.

The Debian changelog mentions removing a build-dep on postgresql-dev. The files


previously contained in the kexi-postgresql-driver package, are not present
in the kexi one, nor anywhere else.

This makes kexi unusable with PostgreSQL.


Kexi cannot access PostgreSQL databases anymore

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