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Bug#358459: Language negotiation problem

Samedi 2 septembre 2006, 15:54:28 CEST, Jens Seidel a écrit :
> I still get English pages without a Languages= line at all.

Without Languages= line in kio_httprc, Konqueror sends
"AcceptLanguage=fr, en" (it must be: "<current locale>, en").

> But I think
> KDE should deliver the single default language in this case. Only if
> multiple languages are requested ~/.kde/share/config/kio_httprc needs to
> be modified!?

If it instists to send "en", it should at least send a rating, for
instance "fr, en;q=0.5"?

> > Oh, about the bug report you pointed: the poster says he has only
> > problems with w.de.d.o, not others. Aren't all sites exact mirrors?
> The poster is me :-)

Ah. I said I should have gone to bed earlier ;o)

> In the past I was able to reproduce it only with the German mirror,
> later I noticed the problem also in other mirrors and now it vanished!?

Hmmm. Mirroring propagation time?

> I assumed it also depends on the web server which the Debian project
> cannot dictate on mirrors.

Does anyone know (for sure) a web site doing the same language
negotiation as w.d.o?

> Can other users please test konqueror?

 Sylvain Sauvage

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