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Re: libqt3-mt: xim patch crashes katepart inside kdevelop

On Monday 21 August 2006 03:08, Jeremy Laine wrote:
> > ...so I'm reassigning the bug to kdevelop. The next kdevelop upload
> > that contains a branch pull, or the next upstream release (3.3.5)
> > should fix the problem.
> Thanks for the link to the SVN commit, the patch will be in the next
> KDevelop upload!


> > BTW, Jeremy, do you plan to update kdevelop in the future? I
> > noticed that 3.3.2 finally entered Testing.
> Definitely, I have been working on an upload of KDevelop 3.3.4:
> http://dev.jerryweb.org/svn/pkg-kdevelop/trunk/debian/
> I was waiting for KDevelop 3.3.2 to hit testing and/or an update to
> kdesdk (it's at 3.5.2, any new uploads planned in the near future?)
> to do the actual upload.

We're talking with frob (Daniel Schepler) about getting a kdepim 3.5.4 
upload done ASAP. Once that happens, myself or someone else on the team 
should follow up in a few days with 3.5.4 uploads of webdev, sdk, and 

Christopher Martin

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