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Re: libqt3-mt: xim patch crashes katepart inside kdevelop

...so I'm reassigning the bug to kdevelop. The next kdevelop upload that
contains a branch pull, or the next upstream release (3.3.5) should fix
the problem.

Thanks for the link to the SVN commit, the patch will be in the next KDevelop upload!

BTW, Jeremy, do you plan to update kdevelop in the future? I noticed
that 3.3.2 finally entered Testing.

Definitely, I have been working on an upload of KDevelop 3.3.4:


I was waiting for KDevelop 3.3.2 to hit testing and/or an update to kdesdk (it's at 3.5.2, any new uploads planned in the near future?) to do the actual upload.


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