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Debian Desktop Artwork Online Meeting

Debian Desktop Artwork Online Meeting will take place at: irc.oftc.net
- #debian-meeting,  26 Aug (Sat) 16:00UTC.

The agenda is:

* How we're handling login screen, wallpapers and splash screens
* Template images for login screens, wallpapers and splash screens
* desktop-base or multiple source packages
* Roadmap for Etch and Etch+1

Who is welcome ?

* pkg-gnome, pkg-xfce, pkg-kde and others desktop environments maintainers
* gdm, *dm maintainers
* Please note that we don't need to meet with a lot of artists at
this moment, since we will discuss the teams relationship and
infrastructure for a better artwork
* Joey Hess

Updated information at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktopArtwork

This is intentionally out of debian-devel-announce. It could be a flop
with trolls in our first online meeting to discuss the subject. Btw, i
would like to hear confirmation from at least two members of each
desktop environment group, feel free to send the answer only to me to
avoid more cross-posting. :-)

-- stratus

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