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Bug#326592: more information

I just retrieved and compiled kmail and tried to reproduce the bug - it was 
pretty easy, the behaviour is the same. I finally found out that the dialog 
asking for a passphrase is simply not as modal as it should be.

For the record, the call in libkpgp/kpgp.cpp is

      PassphraseDialog passdlg(0, i18n("OpenPGP Security Check"), true, ID);
      QApplication::setOverrideCursor( QCursor(QCursor::ArrowCursor) );
      int passdlgResult = passdlg.exec();

and instead of being modal (third parameter to ctor, also implied by calling 
exec()) it allows further processing. The PassphraseDialog is basically 
KDialogBase object with a few added widgets. What then happens is more or 
less a recursive call to one of the longer-lasting objects and when the 
dialog finally returns it finds that some parts it depended on were changed. 
In other words it gets its data pulled from under its feet.

I can't tell whether that really is the case, but I strongly suspect that 
QDialog's modality is somehow broken. I can read Qt/KDE programs but I'm not 
really up to writing them, but I'd hope that someone that uses either of 
these should be able to quickly hack together a project that would show where 
the error lies.


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