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SVN commit 510738 by mornfall:

Merge from branch.

2006-02-12 14:02:43 +0100
 Finish the utf8/i18n fixes, missed a bunch of files last time due to make
 not picking them up :|.

2006-02-12 15:04:55 +0100
 Implement autostarting (and related dialog boxes) in adept notifier.

2006-02-12 16:01:12 +0100
 adept-updater -> adept_updater

2006-02-12 18:37:22 +0100
 Rework the layout of PackageDetails -- it now uses a toolbar for
 back/forward/show list actions. The bottom part is a tab widget, but
 only package relationships tab is implemented. Implemented actions
 on packages in PackageDetails (2 buttons).

2006-02-12 20:31:02 +0100
 Implement Installed Files tab. It uses KFileDetailView for extra coolness and
 asynchronous loading to avoid unnecessary blocking.

2006-02-12 20:38:43 +0100
 Un-hardcode data path for the desktop and icon files. Currently set to

2006-02-12 20:39:04 +0100
 Fix the .desktop file to point to right executable (adept_installer).

2006-02-12 21:16:33 +0100
 Implement about dialog.

2006-02-12 21:17:05 +0100
 Implement about application dialog box.

2006-02-12 21:17:32 +0100
 Update about data (version, year).

2006-02-13 15:53:09 +0100
 Reimplement back/forward navigation in terms of a pair of deques instead of
 a linked list with positioning voodoo. Use stable entities in it as well,
 so it survives a cache reload without massive breakage.

2006-02-13 15:56:10 +0100
 A bunch of stability fixes in PackageDetails and PackageInfo. Use stable entities
 and don't try to add empty entity to back/forward history either. Make the
 threading more reliable and less race-prone. Visual improvements to the
 PackageDetails presentation of long description.

2006-02-13 16:32:07 +0100
 Don't crash on reload when browser was not yet used (it has no package assigned).

2006-02-13 16:32:40 +0100
 Changelog for 1.89.

2006-02-15 10:23:37 +0100
 Redo the way threads work in libept. All non-gui threads are now serialized after
 each other. There is a global helper (Threads) that queues the threads. There is
 Threads::wait() to wait for all queued threads to finish. This calls processEvents()
 regularly on the GUI thread, locking a mutex provided with the thread. The thread
 implementation needs to lock the mutex when it wishes to do anything GUI-related.
 Threads::wait() is recursion-safe, that is, if it is called recursively from an
 event that was generated in processEvents(), it waits for all threads in the last
 recursion and then immediately returns in the parents.
 Some more safety measures. Things should not crash anymore (i got one memory
 corruption crash in testing, but i have no idea why or how... could not reproduce).

2006-02-15 10:38:21 +0100
 Remove the WaitForLister hack, disable buttons while refreshing for now. Eventually,
 a better mechanism should be used. Also fix disabling/enabling of actions depending
 on cache state.

2006-02-17 22:36:15 +0100
 Bunch of usability-related changes (i'd like to say improvements). Terminology
 changed to Request Foo for buttons and Requested: no change/install/remove/...
 for labels. Filter changed accordingly. The lister extender now puts the
 status/requested items in line with folded items and it is not present in the
 Foo: bar list of package properties. Reduces visual clutter and keeps better
 connection between the folded/unfolded item.

2006-02-17 22:38:52 +0100
 First go at the overall installer layout. Also implement word-wrappable descriptions,
 so we have more space on the right eventually for the detailed description. Hide
 the kjanuswidget's page title and separator as it clashes visually with rest of the UI.

 _M            . (directory)  
 M  +15 -0     sysadmin/ept/debian/changelog  
 M  +2 -1      sysadmin/ept/installer/Makefile.am  
 M  +8 -8      sysadmin/ept/installer/app.cpp  
 M  +3 -2      sysadmin/ept/installer/app.h  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/installer/main.cpp  
 M  +2 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/Makefile.am  
 M  +9 -15     sysadmin/ept/libept/actor.h  
 M  +4 -3      sysadmin/ept/libept/application.cpp  
 M  +3 -2      sysadmin/ept/libept/commitprogress.cpp  
 M  +44 -18    sysadmin/ept/libept/desktopentryui.ui  
 M  +28 -4     sysadmin/ept/libept/desktoplist.cpp  
 M  +10 -2     sysadmin/ept/libept/desktoplist.h  
 M  +15 -8     sysadmin/ept/libept/extendablelist.cpp  
 M  +1 -0      sysadmin/ept/libept/extendablelist.h  
 M  +13 -0     sysadmin/ept/libept/groupeddesktopselector.cpp  
 M  +49 -57    sysadmin/ept/libept/lister.cpp  
 M  +2 -0      sysadmin/ept/libept/lister.h  
 M  +151 -85   sysadmin/ept/libept/listerextenderui.ui  
 M  +184 -8    sysadmin/ept/libept/packagedetails.cpp  
 M  +21 -2     sysadmin/ept/libept/packagedetails.h  
 M  +218 -127  sysadmin/ept/libept/packagedetailsui.ui  
 M  +35 -14    sysadmin/ept/libept/packageinfo.cpp  
 M  +4 -8      sysadmin/ept/libept/packageinfo.h  
 M  +49 -49    sysadmin/ept/libept/packageinfoui.ui  
 M  +2 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/progress.cpp  
 M  +5 -4      sysadmin/ept/libept/sourceseditor.cpp  
 M  +114 -115  sysadmin/ept/libept/statefilterui.ui  
 M  +3 -2      sysadmin/ept/libept/tagchooser.cpp  
 M  +2 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/taglist.cpp  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/threadutils.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 M  +43 -0     sysadmin/ept/libept/utils.h  
 M  +18 -21    sysadmin/ept/libept/view.cpp  
 M  +5 -4      sysadmin/ept/libept/view.h  
 M  +29 -33    sysadmin/ept/manager/app.cpp  
 M  +15 -16    sysadmin/ept/manager/app.h  
 M  +2 -2      sysadmin/ept/manager/main.cpp  
 M  +4 -2      sysadmin/ept/notifier/Makefile.am  
 A             sysadmin/ept/notifier/adept_notifier.desktop  
 A             sysadmin/ept/notifier/adept_notifier_auto.desktop  
 M  +57 -4     sysadmin/ept/notifier/app.cpp  
 M  +7 -3      sysadmin/ept/notifier/app.h  
 M  +4 -4      sysadmin/ept/updater/Makefile.am  
 D             sysadmin/ept/updater/adept-updater.desktop  
 D             sysadmin/ept/updater/adept-updaterui.rc  
 AM            sysadmin/ept/updater/adept_updater.desktop  
 A             sysadmin/ept/updater/adept_updaterui.rc  
 M  +2 -2      sysadmin/ept/updater/main.cpp  

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