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SVN commit 508591 by mornfall:

Merge from branch.

2006-01-26 00:37:10 +0100
 Actually show also installed version, instead of showing candidate
 version twice...

2006-01-26 08:30:57 +0100
 Silence down a bit on the debug output.

2006-01-26 08:35:51 +0100
 New release (debian/changelog).

2006-01-26 09:07:36 +0100
 Use a new package description for adept, thanks Isaac Clerencia.

2006-02-03 13:02:13 +0100
 Add a missing dependency on konsole.

2006-02-03 13:03:28 +0100
 Start a common superclass for all the adept applications, mostly containing
 duplicated code from all the individual implementations. The instances will
 be eventually changed to use the common code.

2006-02-03 13:03:49 +0100
 Use the common initialisation code from Application in manager.

2006-02-04 16:45:39 +0100
 Adapt to current libapt-front: renamed last() -> end().

2006-02-04 16:47:16 +0100
 Drop an unneccessary pointer from ListerItem (redundant with superclass
 and unused), should save a bit of memory.

2006-02-04 16:48:20 +0100
 Implement part of the undo/redo functionality in the common Application class.

2006-02-04 16:48:50 +0100
 Use the common undo/redo functionality from ept::Application.

2006-02-04 16:49:24 +0100
 Use the common functionality from ept::Application in updater.

2006-02-04 16:50:28 +0100
 Start working on DesktopList, the widget to be used in adept-installer.
 Builds on the new entity::Desktop from libapt-front.

2006-02-04 18:25:07 +0100
 Add statusString() and changeString() to ept::Application. They give the
 strings to be displayed by statusbar of most of the apps.

2006-02-04 18:25:36 +0100
 Use the shared statusString()/changeString() from ept::Application.

2006-02-04 18:26:42 +0100
 Fixes for new libapt-front -- Range renamed last() -> end(),
 next() is not a mutator anymore.

2006-02-04 18:28:33 +0100
 More work on DesktopList. It can list a Range of entity::Desktop and shows
 the names of the entities.

2006-02-04 21:05:06 +0100
 Check the checkbox for entries with installed packages. Disable for invalid
 packages. Show description.

2006-02-04 21:06:09 +0100
 First go at implementing the group-split desktop selector (the interface for
 adept-installer, actually).

2006-02-04 21:07:28 +0100
 Import adept installer. Currently shows a bunch of packages as the .desktop file
 parser is not there yet. Uses the GroupedDesktopSelector interface (which is also
 incomplete for now).

2006-02-05 01:10:32 +0100
 Preliminary implementation of the checkbox action. We need a more sophisticated
 system for this.

2006-02-05 01:11:20 +0100
 Disconnect the previous slot in setNext(), so we don't get close()d when
 next is clicked...

2006-02-05 13:07:20 +0100
 Optimize the ExtendableList: compress updateExtenders() calls, so we don't get
 dozens of them without any useful effect.

2006-02-05 14:55:01 +0100
 Implement loading of icons for the entries. It is slightly slowish.

2006-02-05 14:55:27 +0100
 Rename empty group to "Legacy". Some of the desktop files don't have Categories.

2006-02-05 21:28:38 +0100
 Implement a (preliminary) GroupPolicy that mimicks the default KDE menu structure.
 We won't go parsing the kde-application.menu XML file anytime soon, this is still
 fairly useful.

2006-02-05 23:38:34 +0100
 Further optimize ExtendableList for the case of many extenders. Do not re-sort
 immediately when new extender is added but postpone that until updateExtenders
 call, which is only done once after a sequence of addExtender() calls.

2006-02-05 23:40:16 +0100
 Load icons, whose names are determined by an IconPolicy callback object. Process
 events after adding each page.

2006-02-05 23:41:51 +0100
 Optimize. Defer loading of icons till first appearance of the widget
 (using polish()), process events while adding items. More efficient
 icon loading as well.

2006-02-05 23:42:50 +0100
 Implement an icon policy for the grouped selector that uses the normal
 KDE package_ icons.

2006-02-06 00:20:24 +0100
 Further improve the on-demand loading. Ie, show busy cursor and process events
 while loading icons.

2006-02-06 00:42:27 +0100
 Show an empty "Initializing..." page while creating the pages. Looks better and
 also avoids a bug where the first page would remain forever empty.

2006-02-07 22:00:44 +0100
 - recalculate extenders on show event -- things may have changed and we wouldn't
   get resize events when we were hidden
 - updateExtender() when adding it, since not doing so causes weird effects
   it is not an overly expensive call (still much cheaper than updateExtenders())

2006-02-07 22:21:54 +0100
 Handle the modality of the app better. Allow free switching of modes at all times
 through View menu. This allows user to eg. recall the download progress window
 to inspect errors (and same for dpkg run).

2006-02-08 00:04:21 +0100
 Implement restarting of rebuild -- that is, if rebuild is requested in a middle
 of another rebuild (user changes search criteria during search), we restart from
 scratch. Fixes interactivity issues as well as a bug where we actually forgot to
 run the rebuild with the final setting.

2006-02-08 12:40:04 +0100
 Reimplement rebuilding to use threads. This fairly simplified rebuild() and
 made it much smoother for the user. Unfortunately, there is a race hidden in
 there so it is also somewhat crashier :|.

2006-02-08 15:52:03 +0100
 Lister no longer sorts the list on its own but relies on the provider to give
 pre-sorted list. View uses component::Packages::sorted() to get a sorted list.
 PackageDetails uses Range::sorted() for now.

2006-02-09 17:09:33 +0100
 Update the info shown to user also on undo/redo events (those generate notify*Rebuild
 not notify*Changed, since the whole state object is swapped).

2006-02-09 17:10:22 +0100
 Fix history handling in ept::Application.

2006-02-09 18:15:55 +0100
 Fix filter reset (and implement it for all filters that are available by default).

2006-02-09 20:55:03 +0100
 Show candidate version for packages that aren't installed, too. (Mistake in
 validity test).

2006-02-10 00:07:47 +0100
 Set up a progress indicator for updater as well, it is useful when update finishes
 and we need to reload cache.

2006-02-10 00:23:34 +0100
 Make the filter list a single-column ExtendableList. Clicking anywhere on a
 closed (folded) filter will expand it that way.

2006-02-10 00:27:51 +0100
 Further streamline the filter UI by removing most of the filter names (only keeping
 "Search:" for the quick filter to avoid confusion wrt what the lineedit means). For
 the Tag filter, remove the buttons on left as well, they were mostly useless anyway.

2006-02-10 00:35:50 +0100
 Remove the (obsolete) functionality associated with the buttons in TagFilter.
 Fix a redraw bug on reset(). Still has a redraw bug on creation :|.

2006-02-10 00:37:39 +0100
 Fix the mouseReleaseEvent to call immediate-parent implementation not QWidget
 one. Makes clicks in the widget not close the filter and also makes the focus
 move to the input line as it should.

2006-02-10 00:39:09 +0100
 Reduce amount of extenderChanged events triggered and also trigger them when
 last item is closed. Fixes the filter area behaviour when last filter is closed.

2006-02-10 01:59:21 +0100
 Reduce the minimal height of TagFilter a bit. Make the text read "Tags I ..." instaed
 of just "I ...", as suggested by Enrico.

2006-02-10 02:34:31 +0100
 Show installation/download sizes in statusbar. Make the texts shorter and font
 one bit smaller to make it all fit. This also proves that we need to move
 statusbar handling to ept::Application.

2006-02-10 08:52:51 +0100
 Add review action to view menu.

2006-02-11 17:58:51 +0100
 Use underscores in app name and elsewhere instead of dash. Makes kdelibs
 happier about it. It can find the ui.rc file and such now, too.

2006-02-11 18:00:16 +0100
 Make Review Changes action available at all times through menu. Brings up
 standard preview widget with packages.

2006-02-11 18:01:57 +0100
 Hack around weirdish Qt behaviour making notifyPostChange loop eternally:
 // without the timer to break it, there could be a loop where
 // we connect the clicked() signal to a slot which would be
 // invoked right away when we return -> evil

2006-02-11 18:03:16 +0100
 Not all relations have nonempty targetPackages() anymore. Make the debug printout
 not crash.

2006-02-11 18:04:39 +0100
 Make a range of extenders available through accessor in ExtendableList.

2006-02-11 18:05:34 +0100
 ept::Application can now handle statusbar all by itself; enable by calling
 Application::setStatusBar( pointer );

2006-02-11 18:07:09 +0100
 A somewhat more useful checkbox handling for the desktop list. It is still
 not what we want (we want it to not auto-install packages that are not required,
 that is, if user selects item and then deselects it, we don't want the dependencies
 to be pulled in).

2006-02-11 18:07:51 +0100
 Make manager use statusbar handling from ept::Application.

2006-02-11 18:08:24 +0100
 Make updater use statusbar handling from ept::Application.

2006-02-11 18:15:22 +0100
 Use ept::Browser instead of ept::View in updater, so that Details
 button works as expected.

2006-02-11 20:01:57 +0100
 Improve CommitProgress layout, make the details button show senseful text instead
 of just "(details)".

2006-02-11 22:34:35 +0100
 Implement nice-looking activity descriptions for CommitProgress. Fix
 calculation of progress percentage.

2006-02-11 22:35:22 +0100
 Rename commit changes to apply changes (it looks much better, too). Rename
 Show Last Commit to Show Last DPkg Run.

2006-02-11 23:03:23 +0100
 Fix progress messages and percent computation for upgrades as well.

2006-02-12 00:15:21 +0100
 Cosmetic fixes to init/finish of commit.

2006-02-12 02:17:07 +0100
 Fix updating of extenders, hopefully right this time. Everyone is now using
 either updateExtenders() or delayedUpdateExtenders(), so we get minimum of
 spurious recomputations. The update is scheduled a second time if height of
 some item changes the first time.

2006-02-12 03:17:13 +0100
 Implement a different approach to acting on checkbox change -- keep track of
 change requests and replay them each time, so that we don't install dependencies
 of things that were only transiently selected for installation.

2006-02-12 11:16:00 +0100
 Drop obsolete debconf.h/.cpp, ept::Application takes care of that now.

2006-02-12 11:20:04 +0100
 I18n (untranslatable strings) fixes. Properly convert utf8<->QString and back.

2006-02-12 12:23:25 +0100
 Compile everything with -DQT_NO_ASCII_CAST and -DQT_NO_CAST_ASCII, hopefully
 fixing all untranslated strings and utf->local8Bit mismatches.

2006-02-12 12:30:32 +0100
 Remove testui from SUBDIRS, it should never get there in the first place.

 _M            . (directory)  
 _M            sysadmin (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/Makefile.am  
 M  +18 -0     sysadmin/ept/debian/changelog  
 M  +15 -5     sysadmin/ept/debian/control  
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer (directory)  
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer/Makefile.am  
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer/adept_installer.desktop  
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer/adept_installerui.rc  
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer/app.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             sysadmin/ept/installer/app.h   [License: no copyright]
 AM            sysadmin/ept/installer/main.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 M  +5 -2      sysadmin/ept/libept/Makefile.am  
 M  +16 -15    sysadmin/ept/libept/acqprogress.cpp  
 M  +3 -3      sysadmin/ept/libept/acqprogress.h  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/application.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/application.h   [License: no copyright]
 M  +4 -0      sysadmin/ept/libept/commitprogress.cpp  
 M  +73 -34    sysadmin/ept/libept/commitprogressui.ui  
 D             sysadmin/ept/libept/debconf.cpp  
 D             sysadmin/ept/libept/debconf.h  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/desktopentryui.ui  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/desktoplist.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/desktoplist.h   [License: no copyright]
 M  +60 -5     sysadmin/ept/libept/dpkgpm-gui.cpp  
 M  +26 -18    sysadmin/ept/libept/dpkgpm.cpp  
 M  +30 -25    sysadmin/ept/libept/dpkgpm.h  
 M  +59 -10    sysadmin/ept/libept/extendablelist.cpp  
 M  +11 -0     sysadmin/ept/libept/extendablelist.h  
 M  +6 -7      sysadmin/ept/libept/filterlist.cpp  
 M  +5 -0      sysadmin/ept/libept/filterlist.h  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/groupeddesktopselector.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/groupeddesktopselector.h   [License: no copyright]
 M  +130 -115  sysadmin/ept/libept/lister.cpp  
 M  +13 -9     sysadmin/ept/libept/lister.h  
 M  +5 -4      sysadmin/ept/libept/packagedetails.cpp  
 M  +31 -27    sysadmin/ept/libept/packageinfo.cpp  
 M  +1 -0      sysadmin/ept/libept/packageinfo.h  
 M  +1 -8      sysadmin/ept/libept/quickfilter.cpp  
 M  +2 -3      sysadmin/ept/libept/quickfilter.h  
 M  +1 -18     sysadmin/ept/libept/quickfilterui.ui  
 M  +2 -2      sysadmin/ept/libept/sourceseditor.cpp  
 M  +0 -12     sysadmin/ept/libept/statefilter.cpp  
 M  +5 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/statefilter.h  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/statefilterui.ui  
 M  +6 -73     sysadmin/ept/libept/tagfilter.cpp  
 M  +8 -10     sysadmin/ept/libept/tagfilter.h  
 M  +12 -63    sysadmin/ept/libept/tagfilterui.ui  
 A             sysadmin/ept/libept/utils.h   [License: no copyright]
 M  +2 -1      sysadmin/ept/libept/view.cpp  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/manager/Makefile.am  
 M  +7 -0      sysadmin/ept/manager/adeptui.rc  
 M  +112 -120  sysadmin/ept/manager/app.cpp  
 M  +40 -13    sysadmin/ept/manager/app.h  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/notifier/Makefile.am  
 M  +7 -4      sysadmin/ept/notifier/app.cpp  
 M  +1 -1      sysadmin/ept/updater/Makefile.am  
 M  +32 -86    sysadmin/ept/updater/app.cpp  
 M  +8 -5      sysadmin/ept/updater/app.h  

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