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Re: [neroden@twcny.rr.com: cppunit: FTBFS on hppa]

On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 01:59:18PM -0500, Christopher Martin wrote:
> This is probably related to qt-x11-free's FTBFS on hppa.
> Our build fails like this:
> > /build/buildd/qt-x11-free-3.3.5/bin/uic 
> -L /build/buildd/qt-x11-free-3.3.5/plugins pixmapfunction.ui -o 
> pixmapfunction.h
> > make[4]: *** [pixmapfunction.h] Illegal instruction
> ...which looks like what you're experiencing. According to lamont, this is a 
> glibc issue (which was thought fixed by building glibc with gcc-3.4 instead 
> of gcc-4.0, but apparently wasn't). See 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-glibc/2005/12/msg00002.html. No reaction 
> from the glibc team thus far.

While I fail to see an immediate connection between glibc bug #326581
that caused uic to bus error, and the illegal instruction in libgcc2's
__umoddi3(), I'm also aware of my complete ignorance of hppa
peculiarities and resist the temptation to put blame on gcc-4.0 or
binutils for this bug. ;-)

Anyway, I while trying to debug why uic fails on some files but works
fine with others, I noticed that a test .ui file with

	<!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.0"></UI>

compiles just fine with uic on paer. Anything with a version less than
3.0, or no version identifier at all leads to a SIGILL. So if you're in
dire need to work around this bug, upgrading .ui files to a later
version might be an option.



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