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Re: [Pkg-kde-talk] Logitech mice and media:/ kioslave support

Alle 21:48, mercoledì 23 marzo 2005, Christopher Martin ha scritto:
> Add the attached files to /etc/hotplug/usb, owned by root, with permissions
> of 644 for logitechmouse.usermap, and 755 for logitechmouse. Then do
> "/etc/init.d/hotplug force-reload", and add your user to the plugdev group
> if they're not already in it. The Logitech config screen should now be
> available.
> If this works (let me know), then I will add these files to the KDE
> packaging.
Works here, thanks.
Maybe it should be written somewhere in kde docs that plugdev group has an 
important role in make some kde features work

Iacopo Spalletti
PGP key block: http://www.spalletti.it/pgp

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