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Re: [Pkg-kde-talk] Logitech mice and media:/ kioslave support

Alle 14:19, martedì 22 marzo 2005, Christopher Martin ha scritto:
> On March 22, 2005 08:02, Iacopo Spalletti wrote:
> > I'm testing packages from http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.4.0/.
> >
> > Packages do not provides support for the logitech mice features module in
> > kcontrol; such module needs special permissions (rw for the user who is
> > owning X) on device file (which is normally owned by root); kde upstream
> > provides the usbmap file and a simple shell script to fix this. By
> > default the script uses pam_console to check for X user, but to my
> > knowledge debian does not use such pam module, so i grabbed the user
> > grepping command from Ubuntu.
> > I can work on a patch or just email such files to the list.
> If you could explain further the exact nature of the problem, I would be
> grateful.
With KDE 3.4 is shipped an addon to kde control panel available in "Control 
Center->Peripherals->Mouse" which gives information about logitech mice.
Such addon needs the user to own the device file in /proc/bus/usb directory to 
KDE sources provides two files for hotplug to manage such permissions (in 
kdebase tarball: kcontrol/input/consoleUserPerms and 
kcontrol/input/logitechmouse.usermap); these files should be moved 
in /etc/hotplug/usb to actually change file permissions on mouse plugging.
As debian does not use pam_console by default, however consoleUserPerms should 
be modified to detect user not using console lock file.

> > Anyone is working on media:/ kioslave support?
> > I can't make it work on the standard hal configuration shipped with
> > debian
> It should work... Did you install all the packages recommended by
> kdebase-kio-plugins, and is your user a member of the plugdev group?
I upgraded hal daemon and the problem seems fixed

> Also, please note that pkg-kde-talk@lists.alioth.debian.org is for
> discussions amongst the KDE packaging team. In future, please send your
> general help requests to debian-kde@lists.debian.org, and packaging queries
> to debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org, which is where I'm directing this
> conversation now. We all read those lists as well.
Sorry. Replying in the correct list


Iacopo Spalletti
PGP key block: http://www.spalletti.it/pgp

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