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kdm is missing from the 3.4 packages


I installed the kde 3.4 packages from alioth. Everything works apart
from logging in via kdm. I just saw, that this might be due to missing
kdm 3.4 packages, which are not available form the alioth site,
althought kdebase metions the 3.4 package.

The 3.3 kdm fails with some error message while starting the login
screen. Something about kdmgreeter crashed. I can investigate further,
but I suspect, thats some internal API changed and so the greeter
doesn't come up.

Please CC me on replys, I'm not subscribed to qt-kde. Thanks!

Nice greetings and thanks for the packages! Jan
Jan Schulz                     jasc@gmx.net
     "Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm."

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