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Bug#293246: kppp: dependency on ppp

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 03:09, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On February 1, 2005 18:23, Michail Bachmann wrote:
> > The dependency on ppp changed from Recommends in 3.3.1-2 to Depends in
> > 3.3.2-1.
> >
> > Since KDE ist perfectly useable on a LAN without ppp I dont understand
> > the reason for changing this dependency.
> If you're on a LAN, why are you using kppp? It would be helpful if you
> could explain your situation in more detail.

Because unfortunately there is a dependency relation which leads to kppp: 

Maybe it would be better if kdenetwork would only recommend kppp and not 
depend on it, but I can see a rationale in that decision, kdenetwork being a 
metapackage and used by different kind of users.

However I can not see the rationale in raising the dependency on ppp from 
Recommends to Depends. If you are a new user, you would use some frontend 
like aptitude to install kppp, so the Recommends dependency is strong enough 
and ppp will be installed. On the other hand a more advanced user still can 
ignore the recommendation if he knows he did not need it on his system.

Changing the dependency does not improve the comfort using this package to a 
new user but will inconvenience a more advanced user.


Michail Bachmann

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