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Re: is lintian warning about .desktop location correct for kicker applets?

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Alejandro Exojo wrote:
El Jueves, 13 de Enero de 2005 13:57, Helen Faulkner escribió:

I'm maintaining kaquarium, which is a kicker applet.  I was just
packaging a new Debian revision (will close #287090), and I am getting
what seems to be a new lintian warning about the location of the
kaquarium.desktop file.

Please, see Bug#289773:


I actually saw that one just after I posted to this list (thanks for suggesting it though).

The bug suggests that there are some obselete directories (eg /usr/share/applnk) and some good ones, but it doesn't say whether /usr/share/apps/kicker/applets is obselete or good. I've looked for documentation on this in the Debian pages and the KDE pages, but not found anything that answers that question for me.

Can I assume from your reply that /usr/share/apps/kicker/applets is infact a good location for a .desktop file for a panel applet, and that therefore the lintian warning is wrong in this particular case?



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