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Bug#247312: konqueror: opening of bookmarks is much slower when clicking directly on Bookmarks menu

On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 02:10:22AM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:

>   so, could you please:

>  (a) check what happens with other styles (to discard it being a
>   style issue). Please try Keramik and Plastik, both with 'menu
>   effect' enabled an disabled.

I had tried this before sending the last email: no change at all.

>  (b) create a new system user and log in a KDE session. Add a few
>   bookmarks, and check. See if adding a large amount of bookmarks
>   (just start normal navigation, and press Ctrl-B for each page
>   you visit) makes the delay to be present at some point.

I did that and noticed no change in speed (it's fast).
Then, I copied the 150Ko bookmarks.xml file which caused the problem with
my normal account to the new user's account: the problem disappears,
everything is always fast as it should.

So there's clearly a problem with my actual configuration (remember,
that it only shows in particular situations described in the bug
history) even if changing style and effects doesn't help.
If only there was a reliable way to monitor (strace would be tricky) what
konqueror exactly does within these 2.5s... maybe that would give a
hint about what's going on... Do you have an idea of how it could be
best achieved?


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