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more bugs closed by the KDE 3.3 tranisition

  The following bugs against KDE packages were tagged sarge. I've done a
  quick review of them and all can be closed now that the 3.3 transition
  is finished.

  To submitters: the KDE 3.3 packages will be available in your mirror
  in about 12 hours.

  Thanks to all the people that made the transition possible.

#282462: kaboodle: babble when playing MP3 files
#280974: mpeglib: Old bug #245192 never got fixed.
#266760: kde: system freezes at log-out when using kernel 2.4 and arts over alsa

#274989: libsmokeqt-dev depends on libsmokeqt1, but doesn't have a dependency

#288251: build dependencies for kdelibs fails

#282925: Konqueror crashes randomly 
#282418: kaudiocreator: fails on extracting tracks 
#281393: Sarge-konqueror performance-option "Minimize memory-usage: Always" doesn't work. 
#274911: kate-plugins: Does not parse entire XML tree when file is opened 
#248157: kdelibs: Selection in different selection dialogs is "jumpy"

#288185: juk: crashes with gstreamer output, stops play with arts output 

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