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Re: Bug#286963: afterstep: kmail window does not open

tags 286963 = sarge

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Pavel Kraus wrote:


> After running kmail, its window does not appear in any of desktops. However, ps
> reports it as running. This problem did not appear in afterstep 1.8 and does
> not appear in fluxbox or KDE. My kmail is 3.2.2-2.

I've just checked kmail 3.3.1-3 and it works fine with afterstep
2.00.01-3. So I assume the problem affects only sarge versions
either of afterstep or kmail (but I can't check this).

> As I was annoyed by kmail trying to open to 3rd desktop, I commented out its
> entry in 'database' file. But it did not influence the fact that kmail
> window does not open.

Could you please run kmail from the shell prompt in the X terminal window, 
and send me any message kmail prints on its output?

BTW. Unfortunatelly, I will not be able to work on this problem 
until the first week of the New Year.


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