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Bug#280619: konqueror: exif info is no longer displayed in the properties of a jpeg file

On 04-Nov-11 07:48, Christopher Martin wrote:
> I've had the same complaint from other users running Sid. I'm baffled, 
> because it Works For Me (tm), and I really can't see how it would be 
> broken if the kfile plugins are installed (they don't depend on libexif 
> at all, IIRC). The problem apparently isn't just with gwenview or 
> konqueror, but is KDE-wide.
> My suggestion would be to move your ~/.kde out of the way temporarily, 
> then start KDE and see if the exif tab is present.

It helps, thank you.

Is there a way to fix my old ~/.kde, or do I have to start setting up my
environment again, from scratch?


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