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Bug#271156: konsole: slightly improving integration of alternative x-terminal-emulator


Adeodato Simó schrieb:
>     Control Center -> KDE Components -> Terminal Emulator -> Use a
>     diferent terminal program -> Whatever.

kcontrol has nothing like "Terminal Emulator" in the "KDE
Components" menu here.

ii  konsole        3.3.0a-1       KDE X terminal emulator
ii  kcontrol       3.3.0a-1       KDE Control Center

> > The attached config file for the service menu uses the standard debian
> > alternative link x-terminal-emulator (which for most users will point to
> > konsole if it is installed).
>   with the above set to "xterm", choosing Tools -> Open Terminal opens
>   an XTerm. however, Right Click -> Actions -> Open Termina Here does
>   always open a Konsole.

Yes, I was to lazy to track down _that_ config file as well. I
could try to do it however if you need that in order to use
x-terminal-emulator as terminal in KDE.

>   I'm letting the bug open for the moment. however, I guess you could
>   easily create an "Open urxvtc Here" service yourself.

I would really prefer it if the default was to use
x-terminal-emulator, for consistency with other WMs/desktops.

ciao, 2ri
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