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Bug#274611: kleopatra needs gpgsm, not the whole gnupg2

Package: kleopatra
Version: 4:3.3.0-3
Severity: wishlist

  after the latest kdepim upload, two things have happened:

    (a) the gnupg2 source package by Matthias Urlichs now generates a
        standalone gpgsm package

    (b) the gnupg2 source package has been uploaded to debian (is
        currently in NEW)

  this bug is a remainder to, when NEW processing for gnupg2 happens:

    1. move back kleopatra from contrib to main
    2. don't depend on gnupg2, but instead on gpgsm

  also, I think the dependency on gnupg-agent could/should be dropped
  (perhaps moved into kmail's suggests?).


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