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Bug#271889: krdc: depends on rdesktop for RDP functionality to work

Package: krdc
Version: 4:3.3.0-2
Followup-For: Bug #271889


In bug #267434 Marc Haber reported an error with rdesktop and krdc. He
was completely wrong in reporting that krdc should conflict with

In krdc 3.2 it had a builtin backend for RDP functionality so didn't
require rdesktop. As of 3.3 it uses rdesktop for this functionality but
rdesktop 1.3.1 needs to be patched for it to work.

--- from the developer of krdc ----
This patch can be found in KDE CVS under kdenetwork/krdc/rdp 
(a README is there as well) and the patch has been accepted in
mainstream rdesktop as well. Unfortunately, no new versions of rdesktop have been 
released since the patch was applied to their CVS. This means you either
need to patch rdesktop 1.3.1 yourself or you need to use a recent rdesktop 
CVS-snapshot. With a vanila rdesktop 1.3.1 or lower, KRDC 3.3 will _not_ 
--- end snip ----

So can you please remove the conflict with rdesktop as it has basically
stuffed RDP support in Debian until it is fixed

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 3.1
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Kernel: Linux 2.4.26v6
Locale: LANG=en_AU, LC_CTYPE=en_AU

Versions of packages krdc depends on:
ii  kdelibs4                  4:3.3.0-2      KDE core libraries
ii  libart-2.0-2              2.3.16-6       Library of functions for 2D graphi
ii  libc6                     2.3.2.ds1-16   GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  libgcc1                   1:3.4.2-2      GCC support library
ii  libice6                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libidn11                  0.5.2-3        GNU libidn library, implementation
ii  libjpeg62                 6b-9           The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG 
ii  libpng12-0            PNG library - runtime
ii  libqt3c102-mt             3:3.3.3-4.1    Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime v
ii  libslp1                   1.0.11-7       OpenSLP libraries
ii  libsm6                    4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 X Window System Session Management
ii  libstdc++5                1:3.3.4-13     The GNU Standard C++ Library v3
ii  libx11-6                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 X Window System protocol client li
ii  libxext6                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 X Window System miscellaneous exte
ii  libxrender1               0.8.3-7        X Rendering Extension client libra
ii  xlibs                     4.3.0.dfsg.1-7 X Window System client libraries m
ii  zlib1g                    1:    compression library - runtime

-- no debconf information

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