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Bug#269519: kshisen: desktop file Exec option should not contain full path to command

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 11:13:59PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> clone 269519 -1
> severity 269519 important
> reassign -1 kicker
> retitle -1 kicker broken when .desktop file includes an absolute path
> thanks
> This really seems to be a bug in kicker, not in kshisen.  It's obviously
> rather difficult to launch an application without a full path if it lies
> outside the search path, and clearly it's possible for a user to have a
> path that doesn't include /usr/games.

OK, I've started debuggig this, but I'm completely lost in KDE's internals,
so I'll mainly present what I've found to hopefully make it easier for the
next person touching this (I'm going to bed now, but I might pick it up again

- This bug is present both in sarge (KDE 3.2) and sid (KDE 3.3).
- The error message "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/games/kmahjongg'" (when
  you close the application and kicker unhangs) seems to come from kdelibs,
  not kdebase (kicker). It is delivered via a UNIX socket from kdeinit (?) to
  kicker (as a response to the "launch" request, I'd guess), which only
  displays it.
- The only code that checks for '/' anywhere in kdeinit seems to be in
  klauncher.cpp; since kdelibs spent from 2am to over 3am compiling (still
  compiling as I write this :-) ), I haven't been able to check if it
  actually makes a difference or not, but the path with '/' does explicit
  "new" while the path without seems to enter some factory. (This might be a
  red herring, though.)
- The bug is not completely deterministic; at one point, it simply
  disappeared, but rm -rf ~/.kde brought it back.

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