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Bug#269265: helpful script for KDE


I've written a short bash script that does nothing but exchange the old 
locations in .kickerrc to the new ones. It requires testing and it is very 
preliminary. Especially, not all old->new mappings are there, I stopped after 
doing the most important ones (IMHO). (script attached as fixfor.sh)

I'm also toying with the idea to insert some stuff into startkde, namely 
testing whether .kde exists, if so copying it into .kde3, setting kdehome 
to .kde3 and doing the mappings from the first script. This way letting the 
user migrate to .kde3 directory while leaving the .kde dir intact for older 
clients. (pseudocode attached as fixkde.sh)

Please have a look at it, test it, and provide feedback!

-Malte Cornils

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