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kmail and newimap4

So at http://lists.debian.org/debian-qt-kde/2004/08/msg00769.html I found a 
message explaining that you need to install kdepim-kio-plugins to get imap 
with kmail. The reason was that some users might want to use kmail to browse 
local mboxes. I put the message I found at the bottom of this, it appears to 
be the current last word. 

I disagree extremely strongly with the idea that imap should be independent of 
kmail. My use case, a very common one I should think, is that I ran apt-get 
dist-upgrade (I run unstable) and kmail broke! I didn't install any pim 
package, I needed kmail, I installed kmail. I got an error message when I 
tried to access an existing imap account, "could not start process for 
newimap". My response was to apt-cache search for imap. Failed. I now know 
that I could have apt-cache searched for newimap and found 
kdepim-kio-plugins. Silly me, I thought that newimap should parse to two 
tokens, "new imap". 

Now, suppose that I was a user who didn't have root and my admin just apt-get 
upgrad'ed me. I would lose functionality and have no idea why and little 
recourse. Furthermore, I think that imap support should always come with 
kmail, as the commands are in the program. It is incredibly frustrating to 
have commands in the program which don't work. I think that this far 
outweighs the cost of having to download imap support. The default 
installation should not lead to a broken program!

Thank you,
Josh Gilbert.

Adeodato Simó <asp16@alu.ua.es> writes:

> * Carlos Galisteo [Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:29:09 +0200]:
>> Package: kmail
>> Version: 4:3.3.0-2
>> Severity: important
>> Kmail starts ok, but when it tries to check the IMAP server, it shows an
>> error msg with text "could not start process for newimap".
>   please install the recommended kdepim-kio-plugins package.
>   p.s.: Daniel, can you provide a rationale for kde{pim,base}-kio-plugins
>   being only recommended and not depended on?

I think I was being generous by making them recommended since it
actually appears to fit the definition of Suggests best: "installing
this one [kmail] without them [kde*-kio-plugins] is perfectly
reasonable" in the common case of getting mail from a local mbox file.
And I certainly don't want it to be absolutely impossible to install
kmail without kde{pim,base}-kio-plugins also being installed.

Maybe I could add a blurb to the kmail description, though, that
explains "To get mail from an IMAP server using kmail, you need to
install kdepim-kio-plugins, and to get mail from a POP server, you
need to install kdebase-kio-plugins".
Daniel Schepler              "Please don't disillusion me.  I
schepler@math.berkeley.edu    haven't had breakfast yet."
                                 -- Orson Scott Card

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