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Re: Dependency kdegraphics

El Jueves, 2 de Septiembre de 2004 19:52, Damien Raude-Morvan escribió:
> Le Jeudi 2 Septembre 2004 19:17, Peter Holm a écrit :
> > Installed a few weeks ago DEB-Sarge as a desired successor of my mixture
> > of SuSE and own enhancements of LINUX. So please don't be too harsh if my
> > question is very newbie.
> Welcome on Debian :)

Peter, please note that this is off-topic for this list. This is a list for 
the mantainers of kde packages, not for user questions. Next time, please ask 
in debian-user, or debian-kde. ;-)

> I don't know how aptitude work, i'm using it. I'm directly apt-getting
> (aptitude is a frontend to 'apt-get' command).

No! This is not true. Both apt-get and aptitude are frontends to libapt. See 
'apt-cache depends apt', and 'apt-cache depends aptitude'.

> I think aptitude may think "ok you don't want kdegraphics, so i'll remove
> all uneeded dependencies". Maybe an option ?

Yes, that's the problem. If you install kdegraphics, aptitude remembers that 
this package is installed manually, and installs all dependencies as 
installed automatically, so if you remove kdegraphics, aptitude removes all 
packages without reverse dependencies, if the user doesn't install them 

Solution: don't install kdegraphics if you don't want all the packages that 
kdegraphics provides, install the ones you will need.


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