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Re: Dependency kdegraphics

On Thursday 02 September 2004 18:17, Peter Holm wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> Installed a few weeks ago DEB-Sarge as a desired successor of my mixture of
> SuSE and own enhancements of LINUX. So please don't be too harsh if my
> question is very newbie.
> I wanted to remove the package "sane" as I do not own a scanner. Aptitude
> told me, that "kooka" depended on it (okay, reasonably that) so I also
> wanted to remove kooka. Then came the message, that "kdegraphics" depended
> on kooka. This I couln't reasonably follow as logical, but nevertheless I
> wanted to get rid of sane/kooka, so started the removal. And yes,
> kdegraphics was completely removed too, leaving me with a severely
> mutilated KDE-system.
> Newbie as I am, I then (re)installed kdegraphics. And, oh what surprise,
> aptitude decided to additionally install kooka and sane, like it or not.
> My question now: why do you prescribe such strict dependencies _downstream_
> for programs, that most probably are not necessary for quite a lot of
> users? And how can they/I circumvent them?

kdegraphics is a meta package i.e it doesn't contain any files 
outside /usr/share/doc/ so removing it won't effect your system at all.

To see what a package depends on use - apt-cache showpkg kooka

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