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Bug#243375: kdelibs-bin: menu-method freedesktop should set the Generic Name Field to longtitle instead of title

Bill Allombert writes:

> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 03:24:29PM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
>> That is 79 chars wide! That probably won't even fit on the screen
>> width of many systems. I am not sure what happens in that case,
>> whether it just wraps the text of displays part of it off the side
>> of the screen.
>> There are two real bugs here that you have touched on though.
>> 1. Debian menu has no real concept of GenericName

> Debian menu do not need to. You can use a generictitle field in menu
> file and set up menu-methods to use it.

I was going to ask whether it might not be possible to mandate the
field in the menu policy, but after looking into the docs a bit, I
guess I need to first ask whether it wouldn't be a good idea to
mandate some (minimal) things the menu files need to contain ?

>> 2. KDE menu doesn't display comments as tooltips (Gnome does this
>>    nicely)
>> If both of those bugs were fixed it would work much better. We
>> could have GenericName = generictitle() and Comment = longtitle()
>> or something

> You need a $generictitle, but we already have it. longtitle() do not
> exist and generictitle() is not needed, AFAICS.

This seems very unclear to me.  AIUI, you mean that we "already have
$generictitle" because the menu program and system don't need any
changes outside of the menu files and menu methods to support the
extra field ?  AFAICS, quite some packages do have $longtitle, so I
think that saying that it doesn't exist is a bit strange.  And I don't
see why you say that $generictitle is not needed ( assuming you mean
that it's not useful for programs' menu files to provide the field ).
It would clearly be very useful for compatibility with KDE's

> Add to xdg-desktop-entry-spec-apps "GenericName=" $generictitle

> And start to add generictitle="A Generic title" in menu files.

Yeah, this is the easy part of the job.  The hard part is of course
getting apps to provide the field.

>> similiar to that. I look forward to the time when Debian will
>> convert to the freedesktop menu standards so that the integration
>> will be much smoother. :)


Hm, I'm wondering about how serious people are taking this.  I would
personally like to see Debian move ( in the long term, like most
Debian things ) to freedesktop menu standards, because those have a
much higher chance of being available in third party software.  This
is of course not at all urgent, and I'm not entirely sure it would be
worth the extra effort.  What do you think about this ?


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