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24th of June: Demonstration against software patents at the LinuxTag


there will be a demonstration against software patents at the LinuxTag in 
Karlsruhe on thursday 24th of June. The demonstrators will meet at the 
entrance to the exihibition area after the end of the exhibition at 6 'o 
clock in the afternoon. We will walk to the marketplace that can be reached 
in 10-15 minutes by foot and it will be a short indirection to the KALUG-Fest 
(Karlsruher Linux User Group) only.

The demonstration has the following URL with additional information: 

The official supportes of the demonstration are: 
- FFII (www.ffii.org) - the leading federation of software patent opponents
- FSF Europe (www.fsfeurope.org)
- LiVe (www.linux-verband.de)
- FoeBud (www.foebud.org)
- Netzwerk Neue Medien (www.nnm-ev.de)
- Grüne Jugend (www.gruene-jugend.de)

It would be nice to see you there,

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