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Bug#254066: kprinter "default printer" handling broken

Package: kdeprint
Version: 4:3.2.2-1

Hi all,

I'm experiencing major issues here with a
kdeprint/CUPS (1.1.20final+cvs20040330-1) combo (kprinter configured to
use CUPS print architecture).

I have two CUPS printers configured here, a hp4p and a hplj4000tn.

I did configure hplj4000tn to be the default destination
("Systemvoreingestelltes Druckziel") in CUPS.
However, upon invoking kprint it always selects the outdated hp4p
as currently active entry. This doesn't make any sense at all to me,
in fact it's very annoying to have to select the REAL default printer
every time one invokes kprinter to print a document.

Also, both printers are being listed as "Status: inactive" in kprinter,
even though on localhost:631 they're clearly NOT inactive, and lpstat
doesn't show anything to that extent either.

Any ideas? What should I try to debug that issue?


Andreas Mohr

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