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Re: QT needs new maintainer(s), or at least an NMU

Tuesday 01 June 2004 20:19, Martin Loschwitz rašė:
> As far as I am concerned, KDE 3.2 is still not officially certified for
> running with Qt 3.3, is it?

Hm... I saw some incidents with Qt 3.3 and KDE 3.2 somewhere on the web. But 
why shouldn't we ask on KDE mailing lists?

> Anyway, Qt 3.3 should not go into Sarge, I  think.

I share your opinion. I know nothing about Sarge release plans and I'm really 
afraid Qt 3.3 and Qt 3.3 linked KDE just won't catch the train.

> However, as already said -- I would love to see people help me; I am
> thinking of doing a Qt 3.2.x upload to fix at least one of the two
> outstanding release critical bugs. Additionally, re-enabling STL is
> something one might take into consideration.

(running in circles and screaming "Thank you! Thank you!") :)

Now seriously. How can I help?

Marius Žalinauskas

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