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Re: Problems with startup menu.

On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 02:55:53PM -0400, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On April 25, 2004 13:10, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> > Why is menu-xdg only a Recommended by kdelibs-bin ?  IIUC, it is
> > needed for Debian policy conformance, and as such should be a hard
> > depends, no ?
> The question of which package should document and/or have a package 
> relationship with menu-xdg is separate from the question of the proper 
> strength of the package relationship.
> As to this second issue, the Debian Menu System documentation, Ch. 5, 
> states:
> ---------
> Please, do not make your package depend on the menu package! The preferred 
> way of telling dpkg that your wm can cooperate with menu is:
>         Suggests: menu
> Please only consider using "depends" if you feel providing reasonable 
> defaults for systems without menu will make life very difficult for you.
> ---------
> If I understand correctly, all that Menu Policy requires of KDE is that it 
> give users the option of using the Debian menu system. A Depends is not 
> at all required, since not everyone wants to have the Debian menu system. 
> So a Recommends is more than enough - in fact, we really should downgrade 
> menu to a Suggests. GNOME, blackbox, etc. all Suggest menu. No one 
> Depends on it. 
> Interestingly, the part of GNOME that Suggests menu is gnome-panel. Maybe 
> kicker should do the same, instead of kdelibs-bin.

The part of kde that reads the menu is actually in kdelibs-bin
"/usr/bin/kde-menu" which is used by various apps that ask you what to
open something with. So at the very least kdelibs-bin would also have
to have the suggests along with possibly kicker... That was the reason
the menu's were first moved to kdelibs-bin before being split out into
their own separate package.


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