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Re: Problems with startup menu.

On April 25, 2004 13:10, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Why is menu-xdg only a Recommended by kdelibs-bin ?  IIUC, it is
> needed for Debian policy conformance, and as such should be a hard
> depends, no ?

The question of which package should document and/or have a package 
relationship with menu-xdg is separate from the question of the proper 
strength of the package relationship.

As to this second issue, the Debian Menu System documentation, Ch. 5, 

Please, do not make your package depend on the menu package! The preferred 
way of telling dpkg that your wm can cooperate with menu is:

        Suggests: menu

Please only consider using "depends" if you feel providing reasonable 
defaults for systems without menu will make life very difficult for you.

If I understand correctly, all that Menu Policy requires of KDE is that it 
give users the option of using the Debian menu system. A Depends is not 
at all required, since not everyone wants to have the Debian menu system. 
So a Recommends is more than enough - in fact, we really should downgrade 
menu to a Suggests. GNOME, blackbox, etc. all Suggest menu. No one 
Depends on it. 

Interestingly, the part of GNOME that Suggests menu is gnome-panel. Maybe 
kicker should do the same, instead of kdelibs-bin.


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