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Re: pkg-kde: commit - rev 90 - in trunk/packages/kdelibs/debian: . dh-make

On April 6, 2004 01:18 pm, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> The upstream authors should do something similar ( and make sure they
> have a recent admin/ dir, so that xdg_appsdir is defined, of course ).

OK, I'll look into that.

> > Thus a small mention in Packaging.txt might help to nudge packagers
> > (especially new packagers) towards the correct location, in case
> > their sources still default to applnk, for whatever reason.
> Agreed, care to write the patch, perhaps ?

Sure, just give me a day or two. When's the next upload coming, BTW? Did 
they release 3.2.2 to packagers last weekend as planned?

> > Perhaps also the /u/s/doc/kdelibs4-dev/dh-make/debiandirs should add
> > the following:
> > export kde_appsdir=/usr/share/applications/kde
> No, this would be wrong.
> > The only problem with this is that apps that had hitherto created a
> > subdirectory in /u/s/applnk (like Multimedia, or Graphics) would now
> > do the same in /u/s/applications/kde...
> Indeed.

I think I'm starting to understand. applnk --> applications/kde is more 
than just a minor change in location, it's about adopting the 
freedesktop.org standard. Hence my ealier proposed change would indeed be 

> Well, I agree with you that either debianrules should be installed
> instead of debiandirs, or Packaging.txt should be adapted.  I'm not
> certain what calc wanted to do, but installing debianrules instead of
> debiandirs seems like the best solution to me personally. Anyway,
> calc, please shed some light on this !

I'm always in favour of simplicity, but if there's some subtle reason to 
use debianrules + perl instead of debiandirs directly that I'm not aware 
of, then I'd conform to that.

Christopher Martin

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