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Re: pkg-kde: commit - rev 90 - in trunk/packages/kdelibs/debian: . dh-make

On April 6, 2004 11:38 am, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> AIUI, /u/s/applnk is only kept for backward compatibility.
> /u/s/applications is the new XDG ( read: freedesktop.org ) standard.

OK, my future uploads will reflect this.

> > If there is a preferred place, then this might be worth
> > mentioning in Packaging.txt as well.
> AIUI, Packaging.txt is about packaging a normal, well-behaving kde
> app.  These use the kde build system, and as such, should
> automatically choose the right location, no ?

Hmmm, I've built packages (3rd party/extragear stuff) that, by default, 
use either. oKle - applnk. Gwenview - applications/kde. Those using 
applnk may be in need of an update, either upstream or in the packaging, 
certainly, but for whatever reason plenty of apps still do use applnk 
(K3b and kopete, for instance), and may not bother to change since 
everything still appears to be working fine. Thus a small mention in 
Packaging.txt might help to nudge packagers (especially new packagers) 
towards the correct location, in case their sources still default to 
applnk, for whatever reason.

Perhaps also the /u/s/doc/kdelibs4-dev/dh-make/debiandirs should add the 

export kde_appsdir=/usr/share/applications/kde

The only problem with this is that apps that had hitherto created a 
subdirectory in /u/s/applnk (like Multimedia, or Graphics) would now do 
the same in /u/s/applications/kde...

One final thing. Packaging.txt currently contains an elaborate description 
of how to take the kdelibs4-dev "debianrules" script, place it in 
MYPACKAGE_SRCDIR/debian/ and convert it, using perl, into the 
debian/debiandirs file which then sets crucial variables. However, 
kdelibs4-dev doesn't provide debianrules anymore, but debiandirs directly 
(in the dh-make directory), so unless I'm mistaken there's no need for 
any perl kung-fu. All I've been doing is copying 
the /u/s/doc/kdelibs4-dev/dh-make/debiandirs file into 
MYPACKAGE_SRCDIR/debian/ and then adding:

-include debian/debiandirs

in debian/rules before any targets are defined, and it works well. Am I 
doing something wrong, or can the Packaging.txt instructions be 

Christopher Martin

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