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Bug#242400: artsd hangs around after logout, preventing others from using 3D graphichs

Package: libarts1
Version: 1.2.1-2

When a user logs out, artsd keeps running for some reason even though
the user cannot possibly use the program for anything anymore.
This is wrong by itself. This happens if the user use
xtrl+alt+backspace to quickly get out of X.

Worse is that artsd for some reason keeps /dev/dri/card0 open,
so the next user who logs in doesn't get direct rendering.
This is very frustrating, and it took some time to figure
this out. (lsof run as root shows artsd holding the dri device open.)

Package documentation claims that artsd is a "sound" utility, so
it seems wrong for it to even open /dev/dri/card0 which is a
3D graphichs device.  So the suggested simple fix is to not touch
/dev/dri/card0.  Even better would be to detect that the users
processes all died, and go away so as to not tie up any resources. Not
even memory.

Helge Hafting

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