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Re: RFS: Need a sponsor for my konversation package

Nathaniel W Turner writes:

> I'd like to upload konversation pretty soon.  Matthew Palmer offered
> back in December to do uploads, but I think he has become too busy,
> as I have received no response to my latest email.

> So, if someone here is willing to do a few uploads of this package,
> please let me know.  The packages that I plan to upload are at this
> repository:

> deb http://debian.houseofnate.net/ unstable nwt deb-src
> http://debian.houseofnate.net/ unstable nwt

> The debian dir is in svn, browsable here:
>>> http://svn.houseofnate.net/pkg-konversation/trunk/debian/

> The ITP is here:
>>> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=222154

Ok, I'm completely at fault here.  Some time ago, I was looking for a
simple KDE program to package, and my eye fell on konversation.  I
can't believe I missed your ITP ( I may have looked before it was
filed ).  Anyway, Riku just sponsored my package in unstable

So, as for resolving this:

* I agree with you taking over the konversation package, since I'm at
  fault here, and you seem to know the program better ( I use irssi
  for irc ;) )
* Maybe we could discuss some of the differences between the two
  + the manpage: I used a manpage as generated with the kdemangen.pl
    from kdesdk/scripts ( with some manual tuning ), and as such, it
    documents far more options of the program than yours ( I suppose
    it's hand-written ).  Not sure which is better though.
  + the rules file: I think you should read
    /usr/share/kdelibs4-dev/Packaging.txt about some general things to
    remember when packaging kde apps.  Most importantly, the
    debianrules and the menu files stuff is pretty important
  + there is a .menu file present in my package.
  + otherwise, your package is identical or better, imho, so nice work

Anyway, I'm sorry about this, I hope we can work this out...

domi ( who goes to file an ITP bug on kdebindings immediately... )

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